What is an SMB (Small and Medium sized Business)?

Well, a lot of folks consider SMB as one cookie but there really two scales involved: Small and Medium! According to Wikipedia, the nomenclature based upon number of employees is as below:

Minute/Micro 1-2 1-6 <10
Small <15 <250 <50
Medium <200 <500 <250
Large <500 <1000 <1000
Enterprise >500 >1000 >1000

I find the Australian/European scale of less than 50 for small business a much practical number as compared to 250 for the US which kind of falls under a medium sized business. For the purposes of capacity planning, we can say:

Minute/Micro Business : 1 – 10 Employees
Small Business: 11 – 50 Employees
Medium Business: 51 – 250 Employees
Large Business (Enterprise with multiple branch offices): more than 250 Employees

That being said, a good plan and design should always consider scaling from lower to the higher bracket. Every business wants to to grow and it would be bad engineering if the IT/Infrastructure investments were not scalable and sustainable as the business scales! Scalability is one of the prime challenges of a good design.

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